Our recruitment team at Tandym Life Sciences possesses deeply rooted experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, providing our partners with staffing solutions tailored to their needs. We understand the critical nature of clinical research and development, and we have extensive experience recruiting professionals for phases 1-4, across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Tandym Life Sciences takes a true partnership approach as your trusted advisor and resource throughout your search, whether you have complex hiring needs or tight timelines. We take the time to listen to your unique needs and challenges to provide the best hiring solution for you. In addition to facilitating the recruitment process and delivering exceptional pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals, our recruiters are experts in local market trends, offering invaluable guidance throughout the hiring process.

With nationwide access to talent, our pipeline of clinical candidates provides organizations with the foundation for success. Whether you are looking to hire contract/consulting, contract-to-hire, or direct hire positions, we are your long-term partner to help you find the highly skilled candidates that can take you further.


Our areas of

Clinical Operations

    • Clinical Program Managers
    • Clinical Project Managers
    • Clinical Trial Management
    • Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)
    • Clinical Trial Assistants (CTAs)
    • Clinical Research Medical Directors
    • Medical Monitors
    • (Clinical) Outsourcing/Vendor Management
    • TMF/eTMF Managers/Administrators
    • Clinical Pharmacologists/ Pharmacokineticists

Drug Safety/ Pharmacovigilance (PV)

    • Drug Safety/ PV Physicians
    • Drug Safety/ PV Associates/Nurses
    • DSPV Operations
    • PV Database Programmers/Administrators
    • Risk Management
    • Safety Surveillance and Signal Detection
    • Drug Safety/ PV Writers

Regulatory Affairs

    • RA Directors
    • RA Managers
    • RA Associates
    • Regulatory Operations/ Submissions Managers
    • Advertising and Promotional Reviews
    • Labeling
    • Communications and interactions with Regulatory Agencies/ Health Authorities

Biometrics/ Data Management

    • Biometrics (Biostatisticians/Statistical Programmers)
    • Clinical Data Management (DM Managers, Database Programmers, Database Administrators)
    • Clinical Data Analyst/Specialists

Medical Writing

    • Regulatory Medical Writing (Clinical)
    • Drug Safety/Pharmacovigilance Medical Writing (eg, DSURs, narratives)
    • Scientific Writing (Nonclinical)
    • Publications Writing
    • Technical Writing
    • QC Managers
    • QC Specialists

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