Edward Fleischman, CEO of Tandym Group, Featured in Business Insider

New York, June 2014 – Edward Fleischman, Chairman and CEO of Tandym Group, was featured in a recent Business Insider article discussing the importance that employers place on cultural fit when interviewing candidates.

In an effort to find new hires that are great cultural fits, employers are putting more emphasis on soft skills, or intangible qualities, “that are not always apparent on a piece of paper,” Edward says. “Though the specific personality traits that employers are looking for are subjective to the role and the organization, some qualities that are a good indication of success in a role include organizational and communication skills, great team player, strong leadership skills, an ability to think on your feet, drive, and initiative.”

In her article, 11 Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask To Test Your Personality, author Jacquelyn Smith, highlights some of the most common questions that employers are asking to figure out if candidates possess the soft skills and personality fit that they are looking for.

You can read the article, here.