Tandym Group’s 2016 Hiring Outlook Receives Prominent Media Coverage

New York, February 2016 – Since its release in January, Tandym Group’s 2016 Hiring Outlook has received prominent media coverage across a variety of sources, ranging from niche industry publications to national media outlets.

One particular area of the whitepaper that many reporters focused on was the finding that there is a major disconnect between what job seekers look for in a job and what employers are actually offering. For example, the majority of job seekers and working professionals who took the survey ranked opportunities for professional development as the top factor in their decision to accept a job, while employers believe it’s only the fifth most important priority in a job or career for professionals.

“The overall climate of the job market today differs greatly from that of only a few years ago, and employers who do not recognize this, risk missing out on leading talent,” said Edward Fleischman, Founder and CEO of Tandym Group, when commenting on this trend. “This shift from an employer-driven market to a candidate-driven market requires employers to reevaluate their attraction and retention strategies. The first step involves learning more about this new type of candidate and what they actually want in an employer.”

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