Tandym Group’s Edward Fleischman Featured as a Guest on Bloomberg TV

New York, January, 2014 – On Friday, January 10th, Edward Fleischman, Chairman and CEO of Tandym Group, made a guestappearance on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock” with Pimm Fox where he discussed Tandym Group’s hiring projections for 2014.

The projections, which are also featured in Tandym Group’s 2014 Regional Hiring Outlook whitepaper, covered top challenges clients are facing in growing their business, the skills gap, and the increase in demand for staffing services.

“We’re finding that close to 50% of the clients we surveyed have reported that the top impediment in growing their business is hiring talent,” explained Edward. “They have a need for certain skills and are having a difficult time finding candidates who possess these skills in the marketplace.”

To bridge the gap between hiring needs and the skills shortage, which according to Tandym Group is especially prevalent in the Healthcare sector, Edward noted that employers must be willing to pay more for the talent they do find, and if they can’t find the talent they want, he advised employers to “get people on board who possess drive and initiative, and train them.”

Edward also commented on the need for talent internally at Tandym Group. “We’re a function of the marketplace and if our clients are hiring, we have to hire people in our firm so that we can meet their demands. For instance, in 2013, we experienced a 23% increase in headcount. As the market continues to have this demand, we at Tandym will continue to grow.”

To view more details of the whitepaper, you can read it here: https://tandymgroup.com/employer-resources